"Memories Etched in Stone"

Mavis St. Hilaire of Noble Monuments has been offering memorial monument services to the Rainy River District for many years. Mavis brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion when helping you to select the right monument for your loved ones. Mavis offers in-house, personal, non-pressured consultation services. Her services do not end once the monument has been installed. Monument cleaning and restoration services are just some of the additional services offered. Please contact Mavis for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Phone: Mavis: 807-482-3778 (home) 807-276-3648 (cell) or Jason Lilley: 807-482-3788 or Email: info@noblemonuments.ca

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A truly unique statement in stone is the result of many elements. It is delicate combination of texture, shape and colour combined with artful designs, lettering, symbols and epitaphs. A monument can serve to commemorate a person's occupation, a unique talent, a favorite pastime, a special place or the expression of a devout faith. In this manner a memorial speaks symbolically of the life of a loved one for generations to come.

Families may wish to decorate the monument with a multitude of carvings, depicting anything from religious beliefs, hobbies, to accomplishments in life or even in employment. Throughout the ages, monuments have stood as the last and most endearing symbol of devotion and respect, a token of happy memories, and a lasting tribute to a distinctive life creating, "Memories Etched in Stone".

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